Christina Goodman - Handpainted Miniatures and Jewelry


christina goodman

Christina Goodman was born in Pisa, Italy, to American parents. She grew up near Washington D.C. and New Orleans, attended Colorado College, and received a studio art degree from the University of California at Santa Cruz. Christina later moved to New York where she studied fashion design and worked for several years as a decorative artist specializing in gilding and painted finishes.

Christina began her design business in 1990. Her knowledge of decorative art and her passion for Renaissance painting merged into the creation of her own line of hand painted miniatures and jewelry. She continues to study and utilize 14th - 16th century gilding and painting techniques, as well as Renaissance frame design.


"I compose and paint the miniatures using references from a collection of art books as well as museum visits. I am particularly drawn to the landscapes and details in paintings by Giovanni Bellini, Lorenzo Lotto, Dosso Dossi and Jan Van Eyck.

To produce the miniature images, I use very fine brushes, good lighting and a magnifier. I use acrylic paint as it dries quickly and allows me to work on a small scale.

paint brush

The frame designs for the one of a kind polyptychs and tabernacles are also based on Renaissance styles. I design and build the frames with wood using miniature moldings and a centuries old water gilding technique. The result is well worth the labor-intensive process. In the end, I hope to capture the luminosity of Renaissance painting in miniature."

Christina in studio


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